Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop...Easter's on it's way!

Wow, I have just realized that Easter is THIS Sunday (thanks to that bunny pictured above)... Didn't see that coming... Just when I think I am totally ahead of the game, I am reminded that nope, I'm not even close!! I first saw various Easter items start to fill the aisles of the local Target around Valentine's Day. I guffawed. It was way too early to be thinking about Easter! I figured I'd worry about it later, and still have plenty of time to get ready.... Well, I suppose now it's time to get in that Easter frame of mind! I need to get those baskets ready, the eggs hard boiled and dyed, pretty clothes ready and get a menu plan ready for Easter dinner....phew! Wish me luck!

Sidenote: For anyone interested, used PW actions on picture (seventies). Loving all her new PSE actions!

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