Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i heart desserts (& yes, I really do!)

i heart faces has spent another week focusing their cameras on dessert! What better reason to indulge than that? And to sweeten the contest this week, the one and only Bakerella is judging! If you are not familiar with Bakerella, head on over to her website for the coolest desserts you have ever seen!!! Her desserts are adorable and she photographs them beautifully! During the holidays a friend of mine and I created Bakerella's reindeer cake pops. They were not nearly as adorable as the original, but a huge hit at the preschool holiday party! I would like to make Bakerella's smores cupcakes next. Oh my....

I am a dessert junkie, especially when chocolate is involved. Baking is a favorite past time of mine and I bake any chance I get! I am currently vacationing in Florida at my parents house, so unfortunately my baking is limited to more basic stuff. It's beautifully hot and my kids have been in the pool all day. One of their favorite treats that I like to make them are chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Choose any cookie recipe you fancy, bake & cool them. Pick any ice cream (or better yet, make your own) & place a scoop on the inside, center portion of a cookie, place another cookie on top and gently press together. Freeze for a little while and enjoy! Super easy to make and so much fun to eat!

Feeling indulgent? Head on over to i heart faces for some sweet inspiration!


  1. Mmmmm.... good thing I see a glass of milk in the background :)

  2. That is a great shot! I love the angle. They look so yummy.

  3. I need one of those right now! YUM! I like the milk in the background too!

  4. Yummy! Great picture!