Sunday, August 29, 2010

sweet august...

I love August. It is most definitely one of my favorite months of the year. I love the cool breezes, warm ocean and that faint smell of fall in the air. Our August has been beautiful, but not more so than the past few days. Maybe it is because we are all clinging a little tighter to our together time as we are all aware that it ends as soon as that big, yellow bus pulls up the street. I will miss the unproductive days, the late breakfasts, lunch by the pool, the smell of their sunscreen, their tan lines, their sun bleached hair and sun-kissed faces. I will miss the flip-flops, the sundresses and the bathing suits. The silly car games, the jokes, the summer songs they love. I will miss THEM as they load their backpacks and get on the bus. Longer days ahead filled with school, homework, activities and all the routines in-between.  There are still a few days of August left, so for now we will be rushing to fit in that last bit of sun, ice cream, freedom and time together.


  1. that is a beautiful family photo michele!!!!

  2. Beautiful shot, so fun and happy and candid.

    Gorgeous moment captured :)

    K xx

  3. I love summer! I think I'm going to go eat ice cream and be by the pool today, after reading this....get my last little hooray in before it's too late.