Wednesday, January 5, 2011

projects & playlists...

Ok, so day 5 into 365-day project and haven't started yet... Probably not a good sign, at all. Determined not to throw in the towel I realized a 365-day project doesn't have to start January 1. Mine will start January 6th, 2011 and end January 6th, 2012. For no other reason than the fact that I totally slacked the first five days.... 

In the spirit of trying to blog more I thought I would share my current favorite gym playlist. The songs that are getting me through my workouts of the new year, which thankfully I have been better about completing than certain 365-projects....

1. Runaway- Kanye West (yes, the words are horrible, but something fun about toasting the d'bags on the elliptical)
2. Dog Day are Over- Florence and the Machine (I am not embarrassed to admit I actually have the Glee version as well & love it)
3. Coming Home- Diddy
4. Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons
5. We R Who We R- Kesha
6. Radioactive- Kings of Leon
7. Forget You- still not embarrassed to admit I dig the Glee version
8. Modern Man- Arcade Fire
9. Magic- B.O.B
10. The Fixer- Pearl Jam
11. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb- Spoon
12. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend

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