Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

He's been watching his older brother play sports farther back than he can recall. He has sat on lawn chairs, grassy fields and bleachers. He's hung around sidelines, stood behind home plate and snuck into dugouts. All the while cheering his brother on. Never wavering, always true to his favorite athlete. It never mattered what sport he was spectating; he was always his brother's biggest fan. He would practice with his brother before a game and re-enact a game the moment they returned home.  He has waited until the final inning to give a high-five or the last touch down to rush the field in pride. He knows all of the stats, the goals, the points and the final score. With sports bottle in hand, he patiently waited. Now, finally, it's his turn. He will swing the bat, run the bases and catch fly balls. And after the final inning, his big brother will rush the baseball diamond for a high-five from his favorite baseball player. 

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